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Celebrating Women: Challenging Beauty Norms and Celebrating The Female Experience in Fitness


The norm for the past 20 years or so in Pre workout Stack bodybuilding was to feature gigantic, monstrosities of men. Who would question this? As it stands, the majority of fitness enthusiasts and others interested in bodybuilding are men, so it is natural to assume that they want to see the men who are on the top of their game. These men act as a model for up-and-comers, figures to look up to, to show how far the human body can be pushed. They are the result of the mountains of research, trials, and experimentation in exercise science, nutrition, and supplementation. It’s a lifestyle for some, and an obsession for most. BSL’s president and founder PJ Braun recognized this and utilized it to great success, but something else always stood out in his mind. He knew that this particular style of marketing to this specific demographic would play an integral role in his company’s success, but he always had something more in mind, and the key to creating what he dreamed of was heavily inspired by, and really, completely contingent on his own relationship with his wife and business partner Celeste.


Data and Marketing


    The numbers don’t lie. After analyzing web traffic data from Blackstone Lab’s (Best place to buy Arimistane) first year of operation, the numbers showed that a whopping 96% of visitors to Blackstone Labs’ website were comprised of men in the 18-25 age bracket. Again, this is completely within the norm for a fitness/sport nutrition supplement company, especially to a company that made a concerted effort to become known as the premier “hardcore” company. Originally, they branded themselves very effectively, becoming best known as a company that was not afraid to push the limits of what was available in supplementation and how to go beyond what had been accepted and utilized by the concurrent market.


    BSL’s marketing approach fell in line with what a person would expect to see for a company such as this one: muscular men, “meat heads”(we use this term endearingly), etc. Having achieved a level of success in professional bodybuilding himself, PJ Braun was featured in most of their marketing imagery. As they continued to grow, other professional bodybuilders were contacted and used for further advertisements; men with monstrous physiques like Aaron Clark, for example. It all just made sense, right?

    Well, not exactly. PJ’s wife Celeste had been going through some personal hardships during her time in the WWE, which led to an epiphany, one that would change the face of the company forever.


It’s Hard Out Here for a Diva

As you may already know, Celeste began her career in the WWE. She initially made waves, eventually become the Women’s Champion and firmly establishing herself among the rest of the WWE Divas. As time went on, though, something funny happened. They began to re-write her story on the show. Not only was she intended not to be the champion any longer, she eventually stopped being featured on TV at all.

As months went by, she began to share stories of being called into meetings with producers and other higher-ups in the WWE with the majority of time spent discussing why she was not losing weight. She began to feel like a load of stress was being levied onto her for not conforming to existing beauty norms of that particular era. While stressful to Celeste, PJ also became baffled by this as she was dubbed “the hybrid diva” by the WWE due to her muscular physique. She rose to prominence on the show for her ability to perform the exciting moves that are normally associated with professional wrestling as a woman.

All of the pressure and disassociation from the show eventually took its toll on Celeste, where she ended up having an emotional breakdown. She and PJ both had a talk about what it was she was really doing and what she could do going forward. This is where the two of them birthed the idea to create Celestial Bodiez. If the WWE could not appreciate the form of a healthy, muscular woman, surely someone else would, which is why they decided to move into bodybuilding.

She came back with an idea. She recalled how the WWE seamstresses would alter her pants in a way that she felt made her butt look excellent. They approached Cynthia James, renown competition suit-maker with their idea. They asked her to add ruching to the seam of her pants and were instantly amazed wight with they saw, Celeste emphatically declaring that it was like “a wonderbra for your ass!”

After sourcing manufacturers and materials, they both knew that they had something special here. Not only did the pants look amazing, but they were also attached to the story they would eventually tell. PJ ended up investing $75,000 of personal funds into creating Celestial Bodiez. While he and Celeste were both satisfied with what they had created together, PJ also had another idea, which was to find a way to intertwine this with Blackstone Labs.

Measured Success

   Rating and objectively monitoring a company’s perceived success can be somewhat difficult. Often, various CEOs and other higher-ups in companies, especially entrepreneurial startups, are quick to boast their company’s profits. While this may seem like a solid basis of measurement at first glance, we often forget to evaluate every factor in a company. What was their total growth? What are their margins like? How many employees have they taken on in the past year? Unless you have a solid background in business and marketing, the lines start to become blurred. Presence matters in marketing and success, sure, but what about the hard data?

   Blackstone Labs, in particular, has been recognized by the well-respected publication Inc. 500 as one of the fastest-growing companies in 2016, gaining them a feature in their print edition, as well as a number of awards. BSL is projected to be included in this exclusive list once again in 2017, but will also be joined by its sister company Celestial Bodiez. This did not happen on accident. The two are more intertwined than what is often initially perceived.

   More than anything, PJ stresses his vision and drive above everything else as the key to both companies’ success. He plainly states that the goal of everything was to create a new movement in bodybuilding and competitive fitness. They both knew that women want to feel like they are a part of something that matters. In doing so, they aimed to challenge all existing views of what makes a woman beautiful with the hashtag #bootyscrunch. They intended to show other women that there are plenty of people who appreciate them for being strong, for having muscular physiques, bigger arms, bigger legs, for being curvaceous. They created an athletic clothing brand for women who might normally struggle with finding clothes that celebrate the bodies they want and work hard for.

   The wheels began to turn. They began blasting the message across the existing channels available to them, all the while using Celeste as the face of their movement, while at the same time providing a point of entry to women who might be interested in fitness and bodybuilding, and giving them what they need to succeed with Blackstone Labs.

   In time they were approached by the illustrious for a banner ad placement for Prime Nutrition, which at the time was also owned by Blackstone Labs. At first, everyone’s knee-jerk reaction was to use PJ Braun in the ad. He was, after all, the owner, president, and a successful bodybuilder. He had a difference of opinion, campaigning hard for Celeste’s image to be used instead. After a round of heated debate, PJ stressed that his endgame was to make regular use of imagery that would make women feel inspired and powerful. By taking a strong woman who is also curvaceous and muscular and put her out there, he knew that the ad would be more successful than ever thought possible. In the end, they decided to feature Celeste in the ad and the analytics at the time showed that ads featuring Celeste had generated double the number of clicks featuring PJ or other male athletes.

Sculpting an Image

   After proving himself to be correct, PJ and Celeste began to find female athletes who were not only muscular, but also possessed a ratio of curves, muscle, and “overall thickness” as he puts it. They wanted to showcase women who other women could identify with and act as an inspiration. They want these women to not only have an appearance that could inspire other women, but they wanted to show them doing the things that got them to where they are. A point was made to show how they train, how they diet, and yes, how they dress for the occasion, all the way staying true to the underlying theme of independence and empowerment.

   All of this is best encapsulated with the success of BSL athlete Carrie June. Month after month, Carrie June’s discount code she promotes ranges within the top 5 most-used codes on A woman with no mainstream media attention ranks alongside of our own male fitness titans time and time again. This cannot, and should not be ignored. Women matter in fitness and it’s time to stop ignoring them.

   “Sex Sells” still clings onto the minds of so many in the industry, which is fine, but Blackstone Labs and Celestial Bodiez want to do something different. When a new female athlete is brought into consideration, product knowledge is a must. PJ, however, takes it a degree further. He only asks them to create content about the products in a factual manner. If the women want to create content that showcases themselves in a sexy manner, they are more than free to do so. These types of shoots are still supported and paid for, but ultimately PJ cares the most about what they know and how they can share their experiences with other women. Blackstone Labs completely understands the need to feel confident and sexy, showcasing the bodies that these athletes work so hard for and are proud of. A place can be found for anything like that, but PJ stresses the importance of grounding themselves in facts and knowledge.

   Laurin Conlin, in particular, was the ideal amalgamation of these ideals. Yes, Laurin is beautiful, sexy, and fit, but the real appeal was from her level of education. She holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology, and is an active fitness competitor herself. It was like finding a golden nugget to have someone who not only looks amazing, but has the background necessary to fully understand and talk about all of the products in a factual manner. They hope that Laurin can show just how attractive it is to be strong, athletic, and also highly intelligent.

   It worked. Laurin Conlin’s code usage has steadily crept up and now find itself amongst the most used on the website. This proves the point that the women who follow her posts on social media and on identify with her and feel like they can be a part of everything, too.

   Current analytics show that the demographics have begun to shift. Where website traffic once stood at 96% of all visitors to be men, now shows that number to be near 80%. Women who visit the website have climbed up from 4% to 20%, a huge increase!

   Blackstone Labs (No 1 Arimistane Supplements)  is currently projected to, once again, be featured as an Inc. 500 company. We may even rank higher than we did last year, which would be all in part to the women who have joined our movement. More than anything, we want women to know that it is okay to be athletic, it’s okay to be muscular, that it’s okay to be curvy, thick, whatever you may call it. PJ and Celeste started something born out of an unfair expectation of what society at large deemed to be “sexy” and decided to do something about it. Women should not feel pressured into looking a certain way and then shunned for not adhering to someone else’s standards of beauty. They want to celebrate the woman’s shape and physique in whatever form it may come as, all stemming from a group of men who decided to tell a woman that she was too fat. If anything, it is Celeste and PJ’s hope that any woman being pressured to look a certain way to see the success of another woman who decided that she would not take it any longer and decided to do something about it.

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Bodybuilding Updates


Workout with Cody Montgomery


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Everybody i have to be pro 14 Montgomery
comments you guys are going to do a
little bit factor in today to follow
along we hit for into a little bit of us
high-volume compound movements remember
you can load that list here and defend
because you feel so far along with.


alright so now this last that he said
I’m kind of trying to go up a little bit
more and we can get a better contraction
as I warm up it’s going to be our max
that way all out to get to swap resting
and doing a job set about 62 fifty
percent weight approx no attempt to
another 10 to 15 reps and your clips


we’re going to do a tomorrow
horizontal the horizontal part of the grip and we’re
going to try and wrap course that will
do a pullover.

all right next to target more laps just
had to pull over
we’re going to do a hammer or underhand
grip don’t really focus on chicken
elbows back in your life.

the next we’re going to do a pretty
standard seated cable row we’re gonna
try to like 12 reps to really get a good
stretch and keep the checkup and try to
drive the fact the key to get your
slides out of it and get a good seat in
the back you could attraction and unless
you’re at spread back out all over this
so you at all times.


the next we’re going to do hello
different rope attachment here and full
try to feel a lot stretching and i’m
going to start trying to finish off with
machine know what you are dead lift the
did it will do a like section 215

all rights are expected to last exercise
going to be pulled down we’re going to
be like five reps five the track each
that we’re going to be going from them
and rerouted three changes for set but
we’re going to do fire up your fiber up
to write five reps here and then now we
want that we’re going to every time
your full that look barbell attractive
for the bank itself we can really be
exposed children


Hi guys that is a wrap I can barely
breathe right here but we just finished
with Daedalus that concludes our back
training session today hopefully you
guys enjoyed it will get more intense
but we keep falling kick ass and get
ready for 2017 god bless the next video


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Bodybuilding Updates


Eradicate | Arimistane AI | Block Estrogen Banner

ERADICATE™ can be used with all of our products to reduce any possible water retention, eliminate the chance of the development of male breast tissue, and maintain a healthy sex drive. ERADICATE™ should also be taken after using our products as PCT (post cycle therapy) to bring hormone function back to normal once your cycle is completed.

Blackstone Labs Eradicate Details




Eradicate™ contains a compound called androsta-3,5-deine-7, 17 dione, also known as Arimistane. Arimistane is a potent aromatase inhibitor (AI) that decreases circulating levels of estrogen in the body. Simply put, Eradicate™ will inhibit or reduce the amount of androgens in the body that can convert into estrogen. Eradicate™ is a suicide aromatase inhibitor, meaning that it binds to the aromatase enzyme, and can not be reversed. Unlike a typical estrogen blocker, which simply removes unwanted estrogen, Arimistane (Also known as Arimistane Supplements)prevents the conversion process from taking place entirely, allowing you to keep all that testosterone in your system.

Suggested Use:

Arimistane This product should only be used by healthy adults at least 21 years old. Do not exceed the recommended dose or duration. Do not use if you are at risk of, or being treated for diabetes, liver problems or high blood pressure. Do not drink alcohol while using this product, and increase daily water intake. This product can negatively affect male fertility. Always Consult your health care professional before using any dietary supplements.
As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule three (3) times daily in divided doses per day, with food.
Use in cycles of 4 to 6 weeks taking at least 2 to 4 weeks off in between cycles.

Do not exceed the recommended dose or duration. This product should only be used by healthy adults at least 21 years old. Do no use if pregnant or nursing, or if you are at risk of, or being treated for diabetes, liver problems or high blood pressure. Consult your health care professional before using any dietary supplements.


Eradicate is an amazing aromatase inhibitor (AI). It is essential when using products like Brutal 4ce, or Abnormal, and can even be useful while on a powerful test booster, such as Apex Male or PCT V.
Eradicate | STACKS

Eradicate (Arimistane) has been included in a few of our stacks. Ordering a stack is a great way to get all of the products you will need to accomplish a goal all in the same order, while saving money on both the individual products themselves, but also shipping.

Take a look at the Elite Fire, Ice and Power, Tighten the F* Up, and Starter Lean stacks to gauge your fitness needs and how best to meet them.

Eradicate | Block Estrogen | Dosage Instructions

PJ Brief’s About Eradicate 

PJ Introduction

what’s up everybody if you brought your president of blacks on labs this is the
third take I keep screwing up by myself
the first video that I ever did was by myself with this product about three
years ago and I remember actually where I was standing I was messing around and
stuff about Arimistane.
Brings back great memories of the beginning of time now
why am I talking about this product it’s been around for three years four years
well a lot of people do not understand the proper way to use this eradicate is
a aromatase inhibitor so what that means is a lot of the guys that we deal with
are boosting their testosterone they’re taking testosterone boosters are taking
prohormone some of them were taking steroids.
regardless they have an excess of testosterone and they’re getting a
conversion to estrogen that conversion is called aromatization.

Anit Roman Product

So this is an anti-roman this product so this product makes it so that cannot happen which is awesome because when that does happen you get oily skin you get very moody and
sensitive like like a woman sorry ladies
you can have a libido problems and you can get gynecomastia
you’ll start messenger going on here the movies growing and some of these guys
get a little milk in there i’ve seen we actually had a guy around here that I’m
not going to put his name out there it’s freaky stuff you don’t want that
so taking this product prevents that now.

Who can use this product

can a woman use this product and everyday life
could you use it yes do you need to not necessarily
however there are a lot of women that I deal with that compete
maybe they compete in the MPC maybe they can be in the ifbb
these women are trying to get on stage in the leanest possible condition and
what prevents that from happening is estrogen estrogen likes to bring water
and fat right to the receptors right. So if you’re a woman you’re going to have a certain sectors in your booty
you’re going to have them in your boob grabbing your hips and that’s we’re
going to store your fat well if you’re going all out for your for your
competition and you want to really enhance that condition you can take
Eradicate (Arimistaneand what will happen is the estrogen won’t be able to bind with the
receptors as much so you will lose water and fat in those areas and that’s really
cool because you’re still going to be producing estrogen.
You just won’t get that binding effect with the water and the fat
so wherever the receptors may be in your body
maybe your boobs maybe your hips maybe your booty but I an area which is like a
mythical area but it is it is talked about a lot
you’re going to get drier and tighter and lose fat and water in those areas by
taking this product. It’s something that you can use anywhere from four to eight weeks out from the show and it will really make a big difference with your condition
I wanted to touch on that with this video so check it out guys and girls you
can both use this product the right way
eradicate from black slams I’m here on a piece of pie
i am holding a bottle of eradicate I’m all by myself
I think my phone might be ringing what it does is to me
I said the second time again i called it called it the wrong thing
um I keep calling it something that is a illegal.


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Bodybuilding Updates

BeatPJ Contest Update

#BEATPJ 2017

This is the home page for everything #BeatPJ 2017! We will be sharing updates as well as every video associated with the contest. Be sure to check in weekly for workout videos and Facebook Live Recordings by PJ Braun and Laurin Conlin.


– Take before images with a newspaper. (Front, side, and back. Posing optional)
– Buy a Blackstone Labs Product. You can use BEATPJ for 20% off and easier entry into the contest.
– Email your images with your purchase order number to
– Tag Blackstone Labs and #beatpj in your social media so we can find your posts for reshares.
– Contest begins January 16th, 2017 at noon and runs for 12 weeks.
– Weekly Facebook live videos will be done by PJ Braun (#teampj) and Laurin Conlin (#teamlaurin) with them available to answer any questions for dieting, training, and supplementation.
– Additional Prizes will be awarded. More details coming soon.
– An additional bonus will be awarded to Laurin Conlin as well as the #teamlaurin winner if they beat PJ.

For any further questions, email

Each week both PJ Braun and Laurin Conlin will be doing Facebook Live videos on the Blackstone Labs Facebook Page to answer questions on exercise, dieting, supplementation and anything else fans need to compete in the Beat PJ contest.

PJ’s Before Images & Start Date

what’s up everybody PJ Braun here
president of Black Stone Labs Best Bodybuilding Supplements Store and we’ve
been showing all the old beat beauty
2videos and even you guys little teasers
and updates leading up to this-this was
my first check in and we got me on the
skill 241 missing
I have donuts tough and my belly which
is really funny and we did my before
pictures which are terrible and as I
said I’ve let myself kinda go but i plan
on getting really really good shape
again and i’m going to do a whole video
series on what products I’m using why
I’m using how i’m using them and i will
be doing a one hour of facebook live
video a week where I answer all of your
questions on top of that Lauren Conley
will be doing the same thing once we
where perhaps some the ladies don’t want
to talk to me maybe they want to talk
long time common maybe some of you guys
want to talk to Lauren Collins maybe you
want to hear both of our perspectives
because she’s going to do things
differently, then I do I believe in a
Ketogenic plan when it comes to dropping
weight sheets for macro so it’s a lot
different but, I encourage you guys to
check it out now as far as entering goes
you guys basically have until noon on
Martin Luther King Day which is Monday
the 15 I believe to get your entries in
so some of you guys are sending your
entries to the wrong place.

How To Send Entries to Beat PJ Contest

I need you all to send your entries to beat PJ at Blackstone Best Bodybuilding Supplements Store
now how do you enter although I’ve said
it numerous times these are the rules
you have to buy any Blackstone labs
the product you should use the beat pj code
which is a 20-percent discount code and
you’re gonna send an email with your
transaction ID it can be for anything
you could be for one of the cheapest
products that we have now you’re going
to show your before pictures holding a
okay the reason you have to hold a
the newspaper is there are people that will
try to cheat and contest so we need to
see that day on the newspaper so have
that newspaper with your before pictures
and just like you see me in this video
you’re going to do a front shot aside
shot a back shot and if you want you can
do some poses like a frontal buyer about
that back to my ladies if you’re more of
the bikini style you do not have to do
your bicep poses at all
we’re just looking for those front side
rear poses but guys you can you can show
any pose that you want I’m assuming for
the after video
you’re going to want to really flex and
show everything off all of the official
rules will be in there it is a 12-week
transformation contest and the best
transformation wins not the best
bodybuilder the best transformation win
so somebody that loses a lot of weight
or perhaps somebody that jumps on you
know chosen one brutal force and games a
lot it’s the best overall transformation
I am not judging
we have completely random special judges
that I will be releasing in another
the video that will be coming out soon some
really really cool people got a couple i
have to be legends that are not
affiliated with the company they’re
going to be judging this in another
special judges well whose name I will
see you for the next video but this is
my starting and if you guys are going to
be me you better bring it now here’s the
deal if no one beats me. I will do what
we did last time and i will default and
still picked a five-thousand-dollar.
The winner now if more than one person beats me
we will actually give out more cash
prizes were going to other prizes anyway
second place is going to get a thousand
dollars worth of black Santa’s products
we are offering a professional photo
shoot and we’re probably going to fly
the winner down for bpj excuse me for
beauty and brawn so it’s going to be
pretty cool we’re doing a lot of stuff
and we’ve got some special prizes that
we’re going to announce later on for
runner-up so there’s going to be a lot
of prizes involved besides the 5k so
guys take this last week to get yourself
centered and please when you use the
beat pj posts use them online and tag us
so we can see and we can get you
re-posted and have you a part of
everything and don’t miss the facebook
live videos where you’re going to be
able to get to answer your other
question is answered on dieting
supplementation nutrition I’ll answer
anything and we’ll see what Lauren once
answer as well please don’t ask her
anything inappropriate guys and are some
of you get me you can ask inappropriate
stuff too i don’t mind but that’s the
rules that’s my horrible before that you
saw it’s time for me to make a life
change and get back in shape like I did
a couple years ago and we can all do
together it’s gonna be a fun process and
excited for everybody to do it
rules will be well spelled out in the
description with the video thank you all
for participating
it’s 5k to the winter piece of pie.


PJ Braun’s Week 1 Facebook Live for the Beat PJ Transformation contest.

Each week both PJ Braun and Laurin Conlin will be doing Facebook Live videos on the Blackstone Labs (best place to buy Whey Isolate Protein) Facebook Page to answer questions on exercise, dieting, supplementation and anything else fans need to compete in the Beat PJ contest.


Alright here PJ is starting his week 1 training on contest &  Bodybuilding Supplements 

I will wait for people to jump on what’s
up lion first question of the facebook
live when is the new joint supplement
coming out.

Welcome i wish that i could answer that
quickly thing is we deal with multiple
manufacturers you don’t always get the
scene response time turner so I would
say the worst case scenario by the
Arnold best-case scenario sometime in
February hey justice how are you man
how’s it going.
kk Donald how can I deal with program
owning society be a little bit more
specific with what you mean by no means
the anxiety I’m calling an explorer MTG you
mean that you’re because you’re androgen
levels are higher more aggressive
hi Roxanna pres last has shot of
orangutang twice and I’m sure shoot with
him again very very soon they were there
very very hot pictures lot of oil movies
and the last one we’ll check them out or
anything is really cool we’ll be having
p training videos yes we will
how good is your problem morning baby
I’m not really sure what you mean by the
whole be more specific.
you’re taking something in getting
anxiety is that we are your new for most
effective at state super DME to point
out was or methanol i would say the
strongest thing that we ever put out was
super travel superfriend was amazing to
DMV was good but if you stack the chosen
one and Brutal Forceful  Bodybuilding Supplements  I think that

you’ll get better results without any of
the negative side effect.

What’s hot for you taking this giving
you the anxiety also have any kind of
stimulants you stay home I just talked
about making stronger UK product on the
future I’m working on combining a bunch
of them together just finished chest and
shoulders does the less focused a lot on
Chester just a little touch-up she
doesn’t rain her chest of all because of
her implants
she had 800cc implants that are under
the muscle and my training chest that
all still really screw them up for her
first doctor never told her that and
eventually pushed her implants apart lot
of problems and its really not wise when
you have advanced training like that
the Ferrari is didn’t write my prize
baby what happened to it.
I make a long story short lady pull out
in front of me and i forgiven went over
a median I mean it’s a longer story than
that but I pyrex poll shows the wheels
are custom wheels at the weight and took
three months to get a back haul starting
my first stack of all the DHEA problems
first time doing any type of
programmable a little nervous about it
but also really excited will be
eradicated and pc 51 stop- well here’s
what you got to expect for starters
never taken anything like that all
you’re going to notice it really fast i
will sexual within a day or two you
should notice extra fresh fall and when
I say aggression.
I mean you should feel more focused in
the gym to push out with you should feel
a little bit more sexually arouse feel a
little bit more energetic that’s the
first thing that you mentioned
notice we have to foster taking it
now somebody asked earlier about Roman
a society that might be what he was
referring to because are going to get
this extra androgen blast that’s going
to make your testosterone-shirt and
irresponsible surges that’s the side
effect that you get that you’re going to
be more aggressive but the thing is you
gotta maximize this the right way to
kill it in the gym stay on top of your
diet and maximize the games because
you’re going to get a lot out of that if
you do things the right leg as far as
the guides by mr. questions just just
react reassemble and i’ll get back then
as far as the eradicate pc5 should be
finally eradicate just so you know let’s
say you’re somebody who’s very very
sensitive pull let’s say you’re somebody
was taking one around again in the
morning and one at night and you’re
still feeling some sort of like
sensitivity in your nipples are you
feeling a little bit of caffeine or a
bunghole behind eww can double the
double of a reference data remains very
powerful guys want to know more about
eradicate google or REM estate that is
what the main ingredient around kids
very very very strong hold aromatase
inhibitor it’ll help you out quite a bit
all I let myself go for a while so i’m
going to be doing these when I’m doing
my party and i will be for a week or
more in common with doing what we call
so he’s gonna get you guys probably a
lot different advice to me cause i’m a
big kid oh god I’m gonna be pushing the
Ketogenic Diet Supplement sheet or macros and I
can’t become what you say but she’s a
brilliant girl and so it would be great
to hear what she has to stay and see how
things are different from what we’re
that time the doses of the DHEA around
Yes and no the half-life this is really
like eight hours so you can take them in
the morning and you could if you really
want to take them at the same time at
night for example 8 am-3 p.m. and be
fine it’s not a bad idea to have it in
your system closer to the workout
because it’s gonna be it’s going to
reach its peak level out for a couple





Blackstone Labs


Bodybuilding Updates

BeatPJ Contest Update

Text of the Audio form Video:

0:11president of Blackstone labs Best Bodybuilding Supplements Store and we just
0:13got done shooting some training footage
0:15with lovely Miss Lauren Collins today
0:17and we were brainstorming all these
0:19ideas for BP jelly how to make it better
0:21this year than the original one and
0:24Lauren actually came up with a really
0:26cool idea
0:27so once a week we’re going to do a
0:29facebook live video I’m going to do on
0:31and peaches going to do one so anyone
0:33who wants to ask me questions you can go
0:34in mind and want to ask him questions
0:36you can go on his at any time that you
0:39put some in regards to your
0:40transformation on social media you can
0:41hash tag team learn and then hashtag TJ
0:44yeah we’re gonna make it a separate
0:46little contest between each other and
0:48here’s the deal i know that like my
0:50person that is listening to me is going
0:52to win so I’m not really concerned about
0:54it but if the team Lauren person wins
0:57she’s gonna get a bonus
0:59she’s gonna get a cash bonus for me I’ll
1:01bonus her out thousand bucks now here’s
1:03the deal
1:04this is completely separate this is just
1:06a personal thing between she and I just
1:09to make it fun
1:10alright so you don’t have to listen to
1:11either one of us you can go higher or
1:13whatever coach you want or you can login
1:15we’re logged in and it’ll be on The
1:17Blackstone labs Facebook not our
1:19personal Facebook’s on the blacks on
1:20facebook and of course the videos will
1:22stay there so you can come back to the
1:25questions if it’s not when it works for
1:27you and your schedule i’ll probably do
1:29mine in the morning when i do my cardio
1:30kinda like how you used to do my own Q&A
1:34back in the day we will in the final
1:37video stay when Lauren is going to hit
1:38hers but like I said guys this is gonna
1:40be a five-thousand-dollar cash prize
1:42this time and we’re also working out
1:44some other really really cool cool
1:46prizes lots of stuff that you will see
1:48in the final video which will be in one
1:51week from the time that you see this
1:52video and that’s also going to be when i
1:54show how fat I am
1:55and we’ll see if anybody can beat me
1:57will also reveal the guest judges so
1:59thank you for Lauren for coming up with
2:02this cool idea to make it kind of like
2:04teams now it’s gonna be a lot of fun you
2:07we encourage you guys that that code
2:10that BPG code is a discount code so
2:12use it and get your product so you guys
2:14can join the contest it’s going to start
2:15real soon so as always be so bye-bye

#BeatPJ Contest Update

Let’s understand what message is being delivered through this video.

We have PJ Braun (President Of Blackstone Labs Bodybuilding Supplements Store) is with Blackston Labs Female Athlete Lauren have been discussing on how to make the BeatPJ contest better.

Also Brainstorming to make this contest better

To make it more fun for everyone. PJ & Lauren have decided to come live Once a week Facebook Live from Blackstone Labs Facebook Page. Where questions can be asked through comments. The seperate contest between PJ & Lauren.

The separate contest between PJ & Lauren.

There is a Seperate contest between PJ & Lauren in person to make it fun.

PJ says that people can hire a personal coach or join live with us on Blackstone FB Live to get some good tips on more effective ways of burning fat.


#TEAM Lauren

Do leave your comments & thoughts through Hashtags & Live FB for help

This contest is going to be for $5ooo which can be awarded to the winner. Which can be won by joining the contest so visit today Bodybuilding Supplements. Prize to be won & other cool other prizes




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Bodybuilding Updates


No matter what your level of fitness may be, from casual, functional health interests to hardcore bodybuilders, it cannot be denied that anyone and everyone has a vetted interested in reducing your body’s accumulated stores of subcutaneous fat & Bodybuilding Supplements.

There are a multitude of ways to go about cutting stored body fat. Counting calories and cutting back on your diet is a proven, effective method. Upping your cardio is also a solid choice, as well as adding in low-weight, high-repetition lifting. No matter what your approach to making changes in your body may be, it can always be upgraded. But how can I do this? The answer is simple, Thermogenics.

The term thermogenic itself is defined as being the tendency to produce heat, and more specifically used to describe drugs or medication which increase heat through metabolic stimulation, increasing the metabolic rate and expending energy to do so. Raising energy levels to produce heat burns calories. Burning calories causes you to lose weight. It’s a no-brainer.

We do want to stress the fact that regardless of how you choose to incorporate thermogenics into your fat loss goals, a solid fitness routine and diet regimen is key, and likely the most important factors in your overall results. Companies often advertise amazing results and unbelievable tales of people using fat burner products and drastically changing their appearances in no time. We want to stress that although Bodybuilding Supplements can certainly help you to bridge the gap, the most important part of changing your body is you and the effort you put into it. That being said let’s get into some of the finer points.

We stated earlier that exercise is key in dropping pounds of fat and tipping the scales in your favor. It is widely accepted that in order to achieve this, you must step up your cardio game. In addition to classic cardio workouts like running, jump rope, or the elliptical machine, performing high repetition exercise at low weight.

Passive Calorie Consumption

What if we told you that you could also burn calories when you are not exercising?

The concept is known as “NEAT,” or nonexercise activity thermogenesis. Essentially, it is all energy your body uses to do things that are not sleeping, eating, or fitness-style training, or exercise. Some may even refer to this as “residual activity calories.” This can includes activities like taking the stairs instead of an elevator, yard work, or even small movements or micro exercises done while sitting at work. No matter how minor it may seem, these movements and activities can impact your daily NEAT expenditure in a significant way.

Your basal metabolic rate, or BMR, is a loose estimate of the amount of calories your body would expend should you do nothing but rest for a 24-hour period. The calories burned this way are utilized by essential bodily functions like breathing, or maintaining your pulse. This takes up roughly 60% of your daily caloric expenditures. The remaining 40% is made up of calories spent while exercising, and by those NEAT activities when mentioned previously.

A third factor exists, which is the thermic effect of foods. Your body must expend calories to digest and derive nutrition from eating food. This takes up about 10 to 15% of the 60% of essential caloric expenditures of your body on a daily basis.

To take a formulaic approach, we can say that:

BMR + food thermic effects + NEAT = daily energy expenditures

The percentages and other stats we mentioned before are not set in stone. A person with a very sedentary lifestyle, such as a person who works a desk job and then goes home to binge watch Netflix until bed, will likely have a NEAT score of about 15%. A person who makes a point to stay active can spend up to 50% of their daily caloric intake on NEAT.

For example, a person who is very active and consumes 2,000 calories will burn about 300 calories digesting food. This person may then burn an additional 300 to 1,000 calories if they spent time walking places, taking the stairs, or performing household chores. Factor in some rigorous exercise, and we have a difference in calories taken in versus calories spent, which, in turn, will cause weight loss. Counting calories requires discipline, but has been proven time and time again to be the most effective way to lose weight. Taking in all factors, especially NEAT, is paramount to getting an accurate grasp on your progress and how things will play out.

In this day and age, we get that a lot of the workforce has moved on from physically demanding jobs, but we would do well to take note that these types of workers should, theoretically, have very high NEAT levels. A lot of us do work desk jobs in offices which, unfortunately, offers little in the way of activity and movement throughout the day. Recognizing how helpful upping NEAT can be is overwhelmingly helpful in the battle against obesity and excess body fat. By finding a way to stay active throughout the day, you can begin to create an advantage for yourself, no matter how minute the activities may seem. These advantages will compound as time goes on, raising your basal metabolic rate and burning more calories throughout the day. It is just like that old adage we have all heard before: “A body in motion stays in motion.”

Food and Digestion

So now that we have a better grasp on how our bodies store fat and manage calories, we can begin to move into other areas that can aid in fat loss. To put it bluntly: supplementation.

Remember how we talked about the thermic effects of food? Those calories that get spent digesting food produce heat, hence why the term “thermic” us used. Keep that in mind. The official term for this is thermogenesis, which occurs in all warm-blooded animals.

We have already covered NEAT, non-exercise activity thermogenesis. We have loosely gotten into EAT, which is exercise-associated thermogenesis. When we exercise, our bodies produce a lot of heat, which in turn burns calories and raises your basal metabolic rate.

So we have NEAT and EAT, but there also exists a third factor, which is DIT: Diet-induced thermogenesis. DIT is loosely defined as the increased expenditure of energy which goes above basal fasting level divided by the energy content of all food ingested. This value is usually presented as a percentage in relation to your daily total energy expenditure.

Of all of the factors we have presented so far, DIT is actually the lowest-impacting factor. It is important to note, though, that DIT might play a significant role in the battle against obesity. Monitoring your DIT value consistently can provide some insight into how likely you are to develop obesity, or if you are already obese, how your body will fight to maintain your current level of obesity. So, by recognizing this factor and taking the time to calculate how this all plays out, you will give yourself an astoundingly better chance at defeating obesity, or preventing it from occurring altogether.

How is this measured out? Unfortunately, an exact method of determining your body’s exact DIT value has yet to be determined scientifically. There are some ways to give yourself a general idea as to what your approximate DIT score may lie within. You could start by taking the energy and nutrient content of what you ate, and how much time passed until you began to measure plasma glucose levels (blood sugar, essentially). Take note: Rises in energy after eating are thought to have been fully exhausted at around 10 hours after eating.

In summation, DIT is related to the energy content and nutrients of the foods you eat and your resting energy levels after meals. Feelings of elevated energy after high-carb meals are a clear indication that your DIT levels are high. We recommend that you partake in strenuous, high-intensity exercises if you often feel exceedingly high energy levels after eating. This could be also related to how insulin is utilized by your body.

The Insulin Factor

Insulin is released when your body takes in carbohydrates. Typically, it acts as a means to store the increased energy to be used later as reserves of fat. The accumulation of this is why we get fat. This is why people often looking to slim down will reduce carbohydrate intake as a means to eliminate this process from occurring, on top of already adding in a disciplined exercise regimen. It is also why many of the so-called “hardcore” bodybuilders and athletes will adapt a ketogenic diet. We will get more into detail about diets in an upcoming article.

Blackstone Labs has researched how to tap into the anabolic effects of insulin extensively. The end result of this led to our Glycolog product. Designed to partition insulin, Glycolog can mitigate the fat-storing properties of insulin, and instead encourage your body to use to to restore glycogen in the muscles, which will aid in muscular development and fuller, richer pumps. You no longer have to fear carbs, which someone interested in cutting fat should eat sparingly, if at all. With Glycolog , you can turn carbs into your ally once and for all.

Thermogenic Supplementation

Now that we have a better understanding of how the chemical processes and inner workings of our bodies work, we can now suggest an additional method to shedding pounds of fat. This can be done through supplementation. Many companies, Blackstone Labs in particular, offer products which can raise your body’s temperature. The goal of this is to trick your body into using up its stores of fat to expend energy. This will, in turn, assist in burning off its accumulation of stored body fat. Again, we want to stress that this is not a miracle pill, but rather another layer of advantage to your overall goal of body recomposition.

Our own signature fat burner, Cobra-6p includes 6 paradol, which is an aromatic ketone that can also be found in ginger. In testing, 6 paradol was shown to trigger thermogenesis of brown adipose tissue (i.e. fat) in lab rats. As we stated, trigger heat production is known to burn calories, especially when the source of heat is being generated directly within your own stores of fat. 6 paradol is also used as a way to give foods spiciness.

Also included within Cobra-6p is capsaicin. While the name itself may be relatively unfamiliar to you, we are certain you have ingested it more than a few times in your life. Capsaicin is the chemical compound found within chilli peppers that makes them “hot.” Yes, we have refined and added that which makes peppers burn your mouth. We’ve all seen, or perhaps experienced ourselves bouts of sweating and the overall feeling of warmth internally when eating exceptionally spicy peppers, so we have applied the essence of this to aid in thermogenic effects of our fat burner. Again, capsaicin will cause your body to produce heat, therefore raising its core temperature and expending a bundle of calories in doing so. Technically, capsaicin is defined as an irritant, but when taken in the context of thermogenic effects which lead to fat loss, it becomes so much more than that. Capsaicin can also aid in fighting free radicals, which cause aging, as it is a potent antioxidant. It is also known to help in fighting bacterial infections.

So we now know the huge number of dietary benefits of thermogenics, but did you know that this can can also enhance the results of your workout sessions? Exercising in high heat can amplify the amount of calories burned. As you exercise, your heart rate increases. This is how your body burns calories. The higher your pulse, the more calories are burned. Some studies have shown that exercising in heightened heat can increase your heart rate by up to 10 beats per minute for each degree increase above your body’s normal core temperature. This effect is even further compounded for each degree increase above 90 degrees. As you sweat, less fluid is available inside of your body, which makes your heart work harder to push blood into your muscles, which are demanding it to function as your exercise.

Environmental Conditioning

In this day and age, the majority of gyms are air conditioned, which is great for the most part. For someone really looking to maximize the effort they put into fat loss, this can negate the added benefit of heat training. You still can get the added benefit of heat training by taking Thermogenic Bodybuilding Supplements.

Be forewarned, though. Training in a hot environment, or with an elevated internal temperature can be risky. Be sure to take regular breaks if you begin to feel symptoms of heat exhaustion, on top of drinking plenty of water. Sweating produces a cooling effect as it dries on your skin, but in humid environments, this effect is negated as the sweat on your skin does not dry rapidly, if at all. While burning a ton of bonus calories is great, it is certainly not worth risking your health or harming yourself.

That being said, athletes have been known to condition themselves in high heat environments. This is typically recognized by adherents of Bikram Yoga, which very openly expresses the benefits of training in ostentatiously hot rooms. A study where athletes trained in a 104 degree environment was shown to produce a net increase of 4 to 8 percent increase in overall performance. While highly dangerous, the athletes did report that the risk was mitigated by the body’s ability to acclimate itself to the heat over time. If you do decide to start training in an elevated heat environment, or begin using thermogenic products, make sure you fully recognize and understand when to be become concerned. Heat cramps are often the first sign. Any feelings of faintness or lightheadedness are also a clear indicator that heat exhaustion may be beginning to take hold. Nausea, vomiting, headache, weakness, and cold, clammy skin are also clear indicators to stop exercising and to take a break. If at any time you experience any of these symptoms, drastically slow down your pace and begin drinking loads of cool water. Dehydration also occurs very easily when training in high heat. Additionally, dress appropriately to high-heat environments with appropriate clothing. Ignoring these signs can lead to heat stroke, which is a very clear and present danger given the circumstances of your supplementation and/or environmental factors. Start off slow and recognize your body’s limits before fully delving into this new foray.
Remember that at the end of the day, your well-being is the most important thing to worry about. Weight loss is often thought of as a journey, one which takes time to accomplish. Pace yourself, but stay consistent and you will be able to fully tap into all of the benefits of thermogenic training. As with any new diet or exercise plan, always consult your primary care physician before starting.


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Bodybuilding Updates

In this video we can see PJ Braun delivering his thanksgiving message & say the following:

PJ wanted to deliver this message on Thanksgiving also one of his staff asked to sign his autograph pics as a lot of PJ fans are requesting autographed pics of PJ Braun, though it has been some time since he completed now.

PJ visualize himself as a businessman now & he has a lot of people to thank.

Especially it is a Big deal as Blackston Labs has ranked 27 in Inc500. These are the results for the United States.

Blackstone Labs is known for supplying the Best Body  Bodybuilding Supplements in the world.
As you, all can see Orange Theory is ranking 60.

A little bit of history about PJ Braun as He belonged to lower middle-class family.
Parents got divorced & his Mother supported 4 kids at the age of 25 with a little of $300 as child support.

With shortage of lunch money, PJ Mom encouraged to ask for everybody’s quarter as Lunch used to cost $1.75 & other kids used to bring in $2 & he literally used to wait at the end of the line for the kids to purchase the Lunch for $1.75 & then he used to ask them for the remaining quarter. End of every day PJ used to end up with $6 to $7 & this is how he knew the value of eating back then so he used to get two Lunches from himself & as it was imp to eat for body building.

Let’s Fast Forward to College

One day in class PJ thought he need to do something to make money & he went home to get business cards printed which cost $4.99 (Braun Fitness)

He started going to Gym & approached women as Men happens to feel bothered or standoffish if someone told them what to do the exercise & which is why PJ approached women & asked them if he could show them more effective way of doing the exercise then he used to hand out his business card.

When he was occupied by 8 to 9 people as this used to keep him occupied all day & make good money. PJ used to think how to make it better as after his conversation with his ex GF. He got his light bulb lighted & called his Mom & said he is going to start a new business & he would be called the best women’s trainer in the world. Train women all around the country so PJ went to all the nationals & used to interact with  the third call out girls who had lot of potential for winning the competition

He approached third out girls & handed the business cards & explained he wanted to train them for free & if they like his training then they could refer him to their friends. PJ started with 10 girls & all these 10 girls ended up winning their shows.

At that point PJ Started out $300 per prep then $500 then jumped to $750 then $900 then $1000 & in the end he used to charge 1700 per prep. When PJ retired from coaching he had active 257 clients.

He had to focus on Blackstone labs has grown up around bodybuilders

PJ Braun delivers his thanks to his Mom & the women he trained & his wife for being there to support him & believe in him


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Bodybuilding supplements are available in different types, are equally necessary to maintain a perfect body shape.
Now comes the question where or what type of Bodybuilding Supplements to buy which can help you stay fit. This is where comes Blackstonelabs with wide range of Bodybuilding Supplements to help you buy quality products. Blackstonelabs brings you wide & extensive range of Exiting Bodybuilding Supplements like fat burners, glutamine, Protein Supplements etc.
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